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Domestic Relations Consulting

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THE CENTER FOR FAMILIES AND RELATIONSHIPS: Domestic Relations Consultant, Legal Coaching, Marriage Mediation, Divorce Coaching, Anger Management and Family Relationship Specialist and Stress Expert.


Serving the needs of individuals, couples, families and children. Services are offered Online via telephone conferencing. In-person appointments, retreat, Intensive requests accepted.



A DOMESTIC RELATIONS CONSULTANT offers Performance Coaching, Strategy Consulting, and Emotional Health Support to individuals involved in family law cases (Legal Coaching), services support clients in separation, divorce, child custody,  visitation or modification matter (any disagreement, dispute, controversy or claim). Your consultant works with you to keep you focused, clear, emotionally fit, and polished for your court appearance or court proceedings.

LEGAL COACHING is for individuals who are seeking support to assist individuals in legal and court proceedings; court prep, communication skill support, strategy, organization in law matter, who can’t afford, or don’t want to engage in costly legal expenses of a lawyer to run their entire case, but desire and need to maximize success.

Domestic Relations Consultants are problem-solvers, organizers, strategists, and performance leaders who use their background in coaching and mediation to help you with court proceedings.

Additionally, services include:

MARITAL MEDIATION MEDIATOR: Mediation to Save a Marriage (also known as Marital Mediation) is a mediation method for couples who are enduring marital and relationship problem difficulties and who want to stay married to work through their issues, and willing to learn how to resolve conflict, improve their communication skills and who wish to avoid divorce.

RELATIONSHIP COACH: Neuro -Coaching, Anger Specialist, Expert Relationship Mediator. A relationship coach helps you to resolve conflicts for all kinds of relationships while helping you build stronger interpersonal skills and relationship bonds. Relationship coaches help clients who have a variety of relationship problems in lives and at different stages of relationships (dating, marriage, co-parenting).

FAMILY RELATIONSHIP SPECIALIST, PARENTING COACH AND STRESS EXPERT: Relationship strains affect a whole family unit. A Family Relationship Specialist can help you, and your family endure stress, reduce conflicts and hardships. It is imperative to get support for emotional health endurance and coping skills, stress management and high-conflict strategies for the whole family. Get professional support helping you build endurance and recovery, helping the whole family unit  (parent/ family support pregnancy, infants, children, and teens).

DIVORCE COACH: A Divorce/separation coach is a professional trained to manage a wide variety of issues and emotions that emerge through a divorce. Divorce Coaching is not legal advice and not therapy, it assists clients in emotional support (stress and anger management), and performance coaching during a divorce/separation, or legal dispute. Divorce Coaches additional areas may include strategists, problem-solvers, performance coaches, and mediators to help you achieve a respectful resolution in your divorce or separation.

CHILD – CUSTODY COACHING: A Child Custody Coach helps you save time, money, and helps you endure stress from custody disputes. Custody coaching is for winning child custody, strategizing and support that minimizes negative interactions, helping you to win child custody lessening legal ramifications, costly time, and length of proceedings.